Our Area



This is our close family which includes schools from around the Fremont Union High School District, including Fremont, Cupertino, Monta Vista, Lynbrook, and Homestead. If you ever attend an area event, or just visit any of the FUHSD schools, you might your Interact family in many places!

421293_3414786088340_1785182730_nWhat do we do as an Area?

As an area, we work together in a lot of ways. Primarily, our goal is to fundraise for our International Project! Through combined efforts, we’ve managed to host several successful fundraising events, the most prominent of which being our Area Dances and International Night. Both of these events have been held annually for as long as we can remember, and have become a major factor towards reaching our District goal of raising money for our International Project. The most amazing part is that these events are all made possible by the countless hard-working Interact officers and members who take time out of their busy days to lend a helping hand.



How else do we raise money?

There are also many other events such as car washes and merchandise sales, in which all proceeds go to funding our International Project. Our International Project helps us to realize that there are many underprivileged people outside of where we live that do not get to experience the same standard of living as we do, and that, what happens over there matters over here.

Some of our family from Area 12 also have websites! Check them out!

Monta Vista Interact

Lynbrook Interact