This Year’s Projects

International Project: Hello My Name Is

Room to ReadWhat is “Hello My Name Is”?

There are people out there that cannot bring themselves to speak to other, some cannot even look at others. These innocent people have been instilled with a fear of the public due to the horrible things that they have been through by human traffickers. Human trafficking is a real, and frightening issue that deserves attention. As Interactors, we hope to shed light on this worldwide issue and bring justices to the unfortunate victims, especially of Romania and Thailand.

Our goal with our 2015-2016 International Project, Hello My Name Is, is to help and raise awareness for the millions of innocent people that are subject to the horrors of human trafficking. We will work to make care packages and heartfelt notes to provide support for those who deserve freedom.

Monetarily, Interact hopes to raise $100,000 which will go towards protection and prevention for all victims in Romania and Thailand.

We are proudly working with three amazing organizations: Not For Sale, A21, and Nomi Network to bring change and freedom for the victims of human trafficking.

Through this mission, we hope to bring awareness and genuine attention to a problem that has been affecting millions for too long. This is the hope that we can rebuild lives. This is our hope.


What, Why, and How we will support as a District:

Send heartfelt letters of encouragement and care packages
Raise $100,000 towards prevention and protection of the innocent victims
Our goal is to provide hope and love for the people who have lost their voices from human trafficking
 Spreading awareness for this extreme issue is more than enough to help our project this year


Community Project: Under One Roof

HEART copy

Interact’s Community Project this year hopes to recognize one of the biggest plagues of our world: Homelessness. We aim to destigmatize homelessness and provide service to impact our communities for the better.

In the U.S. alone, 3.5 million people are homeless, and these people live their lives facing terrible stereotypes on a daily basis. People automatically assume that homeless people are “lazy”, “unintelligent”, or “violent drug addicts”. But rarely are any of these thoughts correct. This year our district will work to create a loving, accepting environment and create a safe place for all.