What is District 5170?

5664236You are District 5170!!

With over 100 schools and 6,500 members, Interact 5170 consists of Interact clubs from around the Bay Area.
These Interacts include Interactors from schools that range from Alameda County to Santa Cruz and Morgan Hill, with everyone committed to helping the community!

With our District family, we have done some pretty amazing stuff!

2008-2009: Hydraid

hydraid logoHydraid is dedicated to provide clean water for those in need at the least amount of cost.

Our District 5170 family helped Hydraid in various ways including funding to provide those around the world without clean water, clean water.

As a family, every Interact club in District 5170 tried their best to provide their love and support and fundraise as well as help as much as they could and the efforts show!

As a District, we have raised $85,000!!

2009-2010: End Polio Now

end-polio-nowPolio is and now, in many cases, was a big problem, especially for countries with children that were not able to find proper nutrients.

Polio started to become viral in those places, and the disease started to spread and affect people’s bloodstreams and abnormalities in bone structure.

As a result, The End Polio Now project started with the hopes to rid the world of polio, and the District 5170 family (Interactors and Rotarians alike) decided to join the cause.



As a District, we have raised $80,000 AND helped eradicate polio in places such as India!!

2010-2011: Shelterbox

SBShelterbox constantly delivers assistance to those who need shelter including those in natural disasters.

Shelterbox helps those around the world by providing them with tents, family storage, water, and more.

As a family, we were touched and so we decided to boost our efforts and help Shelterbox as we united to support those in need once again.



As a family, we have raised an astonishing $102,000 for this project

2011-2012: Free the Youth!


This year’s proceeds did not go to just one, but TWO organizations: Mary’s Meals and Firelight Foundation. Mary’s Meals specializes in establishing school feeding programs in communities where poverty and hunger affect childrens’ abilities to develop and function in school. Firelight Foundation is a grassroots organization that works to provide for families whose children have been affected by HIV/AIDS (Particularly in the sub-Saharan area), acting as a bolster in local communities and improving the standard of living for impoverished families.

Interactors in District 5170 united once again in hopes to help those in need and once again, the family broke barriers.

During this time frame, we raised the most we have ever raised in the past, totalling $120,000

2012-2013: Life, Love, Literacy

Room to Read Last year, Interact 5170 partnered with Room to Read, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational opportunities to children in developing countries.

Interact and Room to Read chose Bangladesh as the site to raise $100,000 for a school, a library, books published in Bangladesh’s native language. In Bangladesh, one out of two children are unable to read or receive education. Literacy breaks the cycle of socioeconomic inequality for families and creates educators for future generations. Literate children have the opportunity for more work, growth, education and equality in not only their local communities, but throughout the world.

Through Room to Read, Interact 5170 broke the cycle of poverty for many families in Bangladesh and

provided future generations with a sustainable source of education!


When you are in Interact, you become a part of an enormous family of Interactors all around the globe, and we hope you will be able to find many Interactors from many places! Because Interact is not simply about Community Service, it is about working together with your new lifelong friends toward one collective goals to make the world a better place.

Please visit the Interact 5170 website for more information about the district and Interact 5170’s goals!